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Frequently Asked Questions - Overseas Citizenship


 IMPORTANT :: The "Indian Overseas Citizenship Scheme" is presently under revision and applications for it will not be accepted till further notice. 


Question:       What is the Fee?

Answer:          US$ 275/- out of which $250/- will be refunded in case the application is not accepted.


Question:       What is the processing time?

Answer:          The time for processing an application, from the date
an  application is received, completed in all respects, at the Consulate will be about six months.


Question:       What is the validity of Registration Certificate?

Answer:          The Registration Certificate will be valid for life unless renounced or cancelled.


Question:       Who are eligible for Overseas Citizenship of India?

Answer:          The persons of Indian origin of full age and capacity, who are citizen of a specified country (section 7(A) or who have obtained the citizenship of a specified country on or after the commencement of the Citizenship Act, 2003 i.e. 7.1.2004 and who were a citizen of India immediately before such commencement (section 7A(1)(b)).  The minors of persons mentioned above (section 7A(1)(c)).


Question:       Citizens of which specified countries are eligible?

Answer:          Persons of Indian origin residing in the following 16 countries are eligible for Overseas Indian Citizenship:

1.                  Australia

2.                  Canada

3.                  Finland

4.                  France

5.                  Greece

6.                  Ireland

7.                  Israel

8.                  Italy

9.                  Netherlands

10.             New Zealand

11.             Portugal

12.             Republic of Cyprus

13.             Sweden

14.             Switzerland

15.             United Kingdom; and

16.             United States of America



Question:       What are the requirements for an application?

1.         Application in quadruplicate in following prescribed format as below:-


a)                  For registration under Section 7A(1)(a) – Form XIX

b)                 For registration under Section 7A(1)(b) – Form XIX-A

c)                 For registration under Section 7A(1)(c) – Form XIX-B


2.         1 copy each of Indian passport and American passport (page showing photograph and personal particulars) in each set of application.


3.         Furnish details of records of civil or criminal cases against him/her.


4.         Furnish details of  description of immovable property,                                        business interests and other details as mentioned in Forms.


5.         A declaration and oath of allegiance duly attested by an officer authorized under Rule 28 of Indian Citizenship Act 1956 or by the Consular Officer at the Consulate General of India.


6.         Four photographs in case of a minor.

Question:       What are the facilities of “Overseas Citizenship”?

i)         An Overseas Citizen of India will enjoy all rights and  privileges available to NRIs including investment in agriculture and plantation properties, which is currently not available to PIO card holders.

ii)                There would be no visa requirement for travel to India.  The person would have to carry his/her existing foreign passport alongwith Registration Certificate. 


iii)              The person so traveling would not be required to complete
registration formalities for his/her stay in India (no need for
registering  with the FRRO, if the stay exceeds six months). 


iv)               All facilities as available  to children of Non-resident Indians for getting admission to educational institutions in  India including Medical and Engineering Colleges, Management Institutes etc.  under the general category and membership of various housing scheme etc.  will be open to holders of Certificate of Registration. 



Question:       Who signs the application of a minor?

Answer:          A parent/guardian will sign the application on behalf of a minor applicant.



Question:       What are the benefits of “Overseas Citizenship” vis-à-vis PIO Card?

Answer:          i) An Overseas Citizen of India can invest in agriculture and plantation properties, while PIO card holder cannot do so.


ii) Overseas citizens are not required to complete registration formalities even if they stay longer than six months, while PIO card holders are required to so do.


Question:       Which rights will not be available to Overseas  Citizens?

Answer:          The Overseas Citizens will not enjoy the following rights:- 
(a) Right to Vote;

(b) Right to hold Constitutional Offices (Member of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha,  Legislative Assembly or Council, offices of President, Vice President, Judge  of Supreme Court & High Court etc.);
(c)  Appointment to Public Services (Govt. Services)