Rajasthan,India's desert state, was once a collection of princely kingdoms. The capital city,Jaipur, is known as the "Pink City" because of the color of the buildings.Daily life in jaipur resembles nothing so much as the backlot of a Hollywood studio ; exotic,pulsing with life and the most magnificent of scenery.Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuit, in the Thar desert which has shaped its history.Jodhpur's lovely fort,now a museum;art deco royal palace converted into a hotel, and quaint markers, all testify to the history of this princely state.Jaisalmer, in the heart of desert, is today an inhabited city whose chief attraction is its lacy filigree of pierced stonework on facades of private houses, and a series of ornately carved Jain temples.Bikaner too has echoes of the past in its sandstone palaces, temples and cenotaphs.Approchable by road from jaipur are Ajmer and Pushkar.Ajmer's pre-eminence is due to the shrine of a muslim saint who is believed to fulfill one's wishes.Nearby Pushkar has one of the very few temples dedicated to Brahma the creator.