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Contact details of outsourced agency for Indian Visa

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Entry Visa for persons of Indian origin

Visa Procedure for Tibetan Refugees

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Visa to crew of non-scheduled airlines and chartered flights

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Surrogacy (Medical Visa)

Visa applications by Diplomatic Passport/Official Passport/Laissez-Passers Holders


Please direct all enquiries regarding visa application status to CKGS. If you have a grievance or suggestion, send an e-mail to We will respond within one business day.

Contact details of outsourced agency for Indian Visas

The Embassy of India, Washington DC has outsourced the handling of Visa applications to M/S. Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) from 21st May 2014. CKGS in Houston is located at Binz Building, 1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 550, Houston, TX - 77002

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The rule regarding two months of gap before re-entry to India by tourist visa holders has been withdrawn in respect of US citizens. 
Frequently asked questions on Visa:
Entry Visa for Foreigners of Indian origin
A foreigner of Indian Origin is: 
  1. A person who at any time held an Indian passport; or

  2. A person who or either of his/her parents or grandparents or great grandparents, was born in, and was permanently a resident in India, provided neither was at any time a citizen of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan or Sri Lanka or any other country that may be specified by the Government of India from time to time; or

  3. A person who is the spouse of a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin covered under (1) and (2) above.

Foreigners of Indian Origin are strongly advised to apply for “Entry Visa” also known as “X-Visa”. The following category of applicants can avail X-Visa:
  1. Applicant is a Foreigner of Indian Origin.

  2. Applicant is a spouse or child of a Foreigner of Indian Origin.

  3. Applicant is a spouse or dependent family member of a foreign national coming to India on long term visa such as Employment, Business, Research or Student. In such cases, the visa duration granted is co-terminus with the period of the principal visa holder. The principal visa holder's visa must be issued before the spouse and dependent family members can apply for their Entry visa.

  4. Applicant's purpose of visit to India does not match any other type of visa. 

  • Holder of ‘X’ visa cannot undertake business/economic activities or accept employment.

  • Foreigner spouse of an Indian national should avail of ‘X’ visa.

  • Children of Persons of Indian Origin can pursue education in India up to Class 12 with ‘X’ visa.

  • For the purpose of visiting the child who is studying in India, an applicant who is not a PIO must obtain 'Tourist’ visa.

Visa Procedure for Tibetan Refugees
Tibetan refugees in India who have been granted an Identity Certificate(IC) and who have a No Objection to Return to India (NORI) can apply for a visa on their IC on a gratis basis.  All IC holders with NORI can directly apply for a visa at the Consulate either in person or by post, by sending their IC in original, a print out of an online-completed visa application form, two photographs, copy of address proof and proof of current residency status in the United States, and a return envelope through a courier that is amenable to tracking. The visa will be issued on a gratis basis.
Visa Fees

Visa fees details are available at CKGS website. Please click the following link for visa fee details:

Visa on Emergency Basis
Emergency visa facility is generally available for persons of Indian origin in the case of a serious situation like death, serious sickness of an immediate family member and there is no time to wait for the normal visa application process. Please contact our 24/7 emergency help-line 832-283-1568.
  1. Apply visa online (maximum 6 months tourist visa). Click this link for visa application form

  2. Physically submit visa application form with 2 photographs.

  3. Provide the following with the application:

    1. Proof of address.

    2. Copy of confirmed flight bookings.

    3. Satisfactory explanation and proof regarding the emergency situation.

    4. Proof showing that applicant is a foreigner of Indian origin.

    5. Visa fee $60.00, $3 ICWF and Emergency service charges $100.00. Payment in cash, cashier check or Money Order will only be accepted. 

  4. Applicant may present his/her visa application, complete in all respect, at the Consulate General of India, Houston at the destined time mutually fixed with the consular officer.


Visa to crew of non-scheduled airlines and chartered flights and issue of Temporary Landing Permits (TLPs)

Instructions relating to grant of Visa to crew of non-scheduled airlines and chartered flights and issue of Temporary Landing Permits (TLPs).

Click here for details


Surrogacy (Medical Visa)

Foreign nationals visiting India for commissioning Surrogacy need to apply for Medical Visa.The clinics should not accept samples without the presence of the couples in India with proper medical visa. It should be made clear to the clinics that action could be taken against them if they admit any cases for Surrogacy without ensuring the fulfillment of the conditions laid down by Ministry of Home Affairs.

Instructions relating to foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy

Click here for details.


Diplomatic Passport/Official Passport/Laissez-Passers Holders
Consulate General of India continues to accept Diplomatic Passport/Official Passport/Laissez-Passers Holders’ visa applications. Please click here for India Visa Application Form.



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