Miscellaneous Services


Consulate will henceforth not entertain applications for Miscellaneous Services through third parties/agents. Such applications can either be submitted by applicant in person, through post or through close relatives with authorization letter. Applications are accepted from 9.30 AM TO 12.30 PM only.

In order to avail of any Miscellaneous Services, the applicant should present a valid Passport. Orginal Passport is required for all services.

US nationals of Indian Origin applying for any Miscellaneous Services should attach a copy of their OCI card/PIO card/Renunciation certificate.

Fee is to be paid by cashier’s check or money order drawn only in favor of "Consulate General of India". There should be a seperate cashier's check or money order for ICWF Fee. Cash payment is also accepted at the counter of the Consulate.

We encourage receiving Applications through post. Applications received through post will be serviced in 3-5 business days.

1) Miscellaneous services requiring record in passport
1. Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR)

2) Attestation of documents

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Attestation of Civil documents
  3. Attestation of Agricultural/Commercial Documents
  4. Attestation for Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)
  5. Sworn Affidavit for issue of child’s passport
  6. Attestation of NORI documents
  7. Attestation of Surety Bond for Statement of Need(SON)

3) Certifications

  1. Life Certificate
  2. Solemnization/Registration of Marriage under the Foreign Marriage Act, 1969
  3. Birth Registration
  4. Birth Certificate based on entry in Passport
  5. Certification of marriage based on entry in  Passport
  6. NORI Waiver Certificate
  7. Police Clearance Certificate
  8. NRI Certificate
  9. No Objection/Research Project Clearance Certificate for OCI/PIO Card holders

4) Death Related Services

  1. Registration of Death/Issue of Death Certificate and Issue of No Objection Certificate for transportation body of the deceased to India
  2. Carrying of ashes of the deceased to India

5) Emergency Certificate