Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

It is mandatory for all persons of Indian origin, who had ever held an Indian passport, to renounce their Indian citizenship upon acquiring any foreign nationality. This is a prerequisite to obtain Visas or OCI cards from the Consulate. 

All applications for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship for issue of Surrender of Indian Citizenship Certificate should be submitted to

Cox & Kings Global Services.

1001 Texas Ave #550,

 Houston, TX 77002

All applications received by CKGS Ltd are acknowledged by the next working day. Normal processing time for issue of a Surrender Certificate is 3-6 days.  Applicants can simulatenously apply for Renunciation Certificate while applying for Visas or OCI Cards.

For detailed guidelines on submitting the application, required documentation, fee etc.

Please go to the following link:

Faq on Renunciation